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We are a bunch of RC-flyers living in Pietarsaari, a small town on the west coast, Finland. Two languages are spoken here: Swedish and Finnish. (By the way, the name Pietarsaari is Finnish, the same in Swedish is Jakobstad.) This web site is maintained in both languages. Consequently, the Swedish part of the text is in maroon colour while the Finnish part is simply black.

Below, please, find a brief explanation about the contents of this site. Now you got the chance of your life to learn some Finnish and Swedish!

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We are a group of model airplane enthusiasts. After several years' activities as a free group, our club was registered in March 2005. The most important activity of the club is to maintain our flying site. In addition to annual memebership fee you are required to take your turn with the lawn mower! We would be happy to put you on the list!
Here you will find articles and pictures, the articles being written in Finnish and Swedish. The pics are international.
Our flying site is located 15 km outside the town. We have access to a farming area, about 1 km by 1 km obstacle free space.
Here are our frequencies. Just an aide when buying a new radio, to keep the crystal collection at a minimum.
As it says: weather forecast for the area. By the Finnish Meteorological Institute. All three languages are supported. However, the forecast itself seems to be the same in all languages.
Current weather conditions, courtesy of the local electric company.
Links to interesting sites around the world.
This is our forum. Here you can discuss anything related to RC flying. Feel free to write in English! Just click "Kirjoita" and "Lähetä" (Write and Send). Questions about our club and activities can also be directed to Mikael Lundqvist a.k.a "Lusha"
Feedback to the webmaster.
In case you want to mix your fuel yourself you can easily calculate proportions with the Fuel Calculator. You may also compare prices of different mixes.

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